Saturday, August 8, 2009

My computer is fixed and a lot has happened since then!

I've been away from my blog due to technical difficulties; fortunately there was a very kind and willing fellow at my job who volunteered to take it home and fix it for me.
So since the last entry I have moved into a townhouse in Rockville, or Derwood as it sometimes referred to, with a Smart non-practicing lawyer, her part-time dog that she shares with an ex-boyfriend, an a very nice girl who never talks and goes to sleep around 7:30 or 8:00 every works out pretty well. I have a small room with a bed, some clothes, my scrapbooks...and a nice big deck downstairs that makes me feel connected with nature.
I am also going into my 3rd month at Life Time Athletic club in Rockville; selling memberships. It has sparked my interest in getting back into competition shape; however I don't know that I want to go through the grueling process of dieting for a figure show.....but the idea still has a hold on me, being at a fancy gym can be inspiring that way.
Also.....I've made two trips to Virginia Beach to visit Jazzmin and her family, and of course...the beach. For whatever reason even though I grew up right in the middle of the mid-west, about as far as one can be from the ocean....there is almost nowhere I would rather be in the summer than at a beach- and it doesnt matter which one, any will do.
The summer really is going quite well....oh, and I'm going to write a book; but more on that later.
As I say at the close of my Life Time emails:
Yours In Health,

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