Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Enjoying the sights, smells...and snakes?!

Today (10:00am) -----As I pressed the garage door opener, ready to exit like I always do, from the inside of the garage.....what drops to the floor but a big, black snake!!! Now, I have never seen a snake outside except for those little green garden ones...ya know, the cute when I saw it, I thought it was a big plastic one and I just laughed to myself thinking it was a joke...but NO, as I got closer its little tongue slithered out...So I turned around, ran back inside and told Mrs. Desai "THERES A SNAKE IN THE GARAGE!!" So she came downstairs and told me to dial 911!! And so i did! and 911 told me to call animal then we decided to check on the location status of the big, giant, black snake...and it had come outside of the garage and was next to the I took a picture of the big 4 foot long black snake and then came back inside.....and then it slithered away and I havent seen again. That was a big snake!
But that was just the events of this morning, Monday I did more DC exploring, which is what I mostly do to pass the time....I take the metro to metro station and then I get out and walk around, eat peanuts in front of the white house and wait for one of the Obamas come out, which I have yet to see....and then I walk around Dupont Circle and discover that it is just that- a traffic circle...then I check out all of the known and unknown sights...the big monuments and the less well known monuments, The smithsonians, national gallery, IMAX, zoo....things that I feel like I need to see!
So tomorrow I start my job at Lifetime Athletics...It is the most super and fancy delux health club I have ever seen! I am going to be selling memberships.....yep, thats the update for now. So much to see and do, people to meet, flowers to smell.

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